Linux System Administration

Overview Linux System Administration I

Linux System Administration is the art of configuring and maintaining a Linux host, normally a server, in optimal condition for performance and functionality.

Linux Training Prerequisites

Linux Essentials or familiarity with the Linux shell and basic command-line tools

Course Details

This course gives basic skills to administer a Linux Operating system with specific focus on system and users. The course will help with preparation for the LPIC-1 exam.

Exam Path

Linux Server Professional Certification (LPIC-1)
Requirements: Passing Exams 101 and 102

LPI Training Materials

All attendees receive a copy of LPI-1 by Raderick Smith and related courseware.

Course Outline
  • System Administration
  • User Administrations
  • Access Permissions
  • Partitions and File Systems
  • The Boot Loader
  • System Start and System Halt
  • Process Management
  • System Logging
  • Archiving and Backups
  • Time-controlled Actions - corn and at
  • Hardware and System Architecture
  • The Linux Kernel
  • Installing OS and Software's
  • Printing on Linux
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