For IT eager beavers Log(n) Academy pleased to announce variety of IT courses under one umbrella where ONLINE TRAINING and ONSITE TRAINING will be given to those who aspire to learn the basics of the language or even to those who wish to master it.

Now make shift towards your career at one click.

    Online training can thus be effective in more than one way:
  1. No restriction of time.
  2. Training can be taken from anywhere.
  3. If the trainee decides to skip a class, he can request to reschedule it and does not need to pay for rescheduling. Compare this with classroom training where if you miss a class, you still pay for it.
  4. The concepts are taught while doing practical thus the learning experience is enhanced and correlating theory and practical becomes an easy task for the learner.
  5. Repetition of topic if required.

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